Monday, November 15, 2010

Preggo brain in full effect

I have been going to the same gym for two years. It’s on one corner of a main intersection, and you have to make a right turn into the driveway just before the traffic light. On the way to the gym on Friday morning, I passed the driveway. Twice. I really was paying attention. I wasn’t looking down at my phone or playing with the radio. I was not distracted by another car. I was looking directly at the gym's driveway, and then I just … passed it. Twice. So I had to make the right at the light and drive all way around the city block to get back. Twice.

There was also the day I locked my keys in my car during what was supposed to be a quick lunch run to Subway. During one of the coolest summers on record for the Bay Area, of course I chose the one day it’s 97 degrees to lock myself out of my car. I had to lead my 1:00 conference call from the sweltering parking lot and put everyone on hold when AAA finally showed up. (Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic …)

I know this type of stuff happens to everyone on occasion, but it’s been an almost daily occurrence for me lately. And it’s getting worse. I’m not sure if “pregnancy brain,” or “pregnesia”, is real or just a myth, but I’ve never been so forgetful or absentminded in my life. I walk into a room and forget what I intended to do in there. All the way home from work, I repeat to myself “stop at the store, stop at the store, stop at the store…” But do you think I actually stop at the store? Nope, I go on auto-pilot and pull right into the driveway of my house.

The overachiever in me gets very frustrated by this. I’ve always been an A-student, the queen of multitasking, the master of efficiency. Now, I’ll start typing an email, then I’ll remember I need to respond to something else, and that original email sits unsent in my drafts folder. And I wonder why the person never responded. *sigh*

Everything I read assures me that preggo brain is hormone-related and temporary, so hopefully I will get my mind back soon. Until then, please trust me when I tell you that I am a very smart person. For now, I make myself lots of lists and try not to do too many things at once. Maybe this means all my smarts are going to the baby right now, and our LBK will be a genius! Or not. Oh well, luckily my husband thinks I am cute.