Sunday, February 13, 2011

Five reasons to register on

I recently finished our baby registry. Yes, I know, it’s about time. It’s so overwhelming for new moms. All I wanted to do was register for baby bottles, but apparently there are four thousand different kinds of bottles. Luckily, a good friend and mommy took me to Babies R Us and led me through aisle by aisle.

Once I figured out what to register for, I made a discovery. Ninety-percent of my Babies R Us registry items were also available at Upon further investigation, I decided that is the most awesome place to register for stuff. Pay
attention, brides- and moms-to-be. Here are five reasons to register with Amazon.*

  1. Selection: First and foremost, Amazon has everything! Other online registry sites offer few options, limited only to their partner vendors. Amazon has almost every brand known to man. And for babies, you can add every possible children’s book to your registry list. I found almost everything we needed at Amazon, including the elusive mobile that matches the crib set.

  2. Price: More often than not, the items were about twenty-percent cheaper on Amazon than Babies R Us. And your loved ones can almost always get free shipping on Amazon through one of their deals or programs. Your friends and family will appreciate the savings. And possibly buy you more stuff.

  3. Add button: On the off chance you want something that is not available on Amazon, you can add it to your Amazon registry anyway. They have an “add to registry” button that you simply drag to your browser’s bookmark bar. When you’re on another website and you see something you like, just click that button and presto! Amazon consolidates everything all in one place from any vendor on any website. So you could sneak in that super cute dress you’ve had your eye on.

  4. Online only: Babies R Us and other such stores can be quite overwhelming for your non-mom friends and relatives. Giving them an online-only option saves them from wandering aimlessly through the aisles like a man in a fabric store. There’s a reason why the Babies R Us in San Jose is right next to a Beverages and More.

  5. Shipped to your door: If your family lives in another part of the country, as mine does, giving only an online option saves you from too much generosity. When you visit your loving family, they’ll want to shower you with presents, which is awesome, except you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars shipping your own gifts home or paying extra baggage fees. With Amazon, they have to shop online and ship the gifts anyway. So it’s a gentle encouragement for them to just ship everything directly to your door.

*I'm not in anyway affiliated with, and this is not a paid endorsement. Although, if they asked me I wouldn't say no. Hint, hint, Amazon.