Monday, May 9, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: First Mothers Day

My dear friend from college, Nicole (Coli), flew in from Michigan and spent last week with us. For her last day in town, we spent Friday afternoon in Half Moon Bay. Yes, we took Quinn back to the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for lunch. The weather didn’t really cooperate, but we kept Q bundled up. He slept like an angel at the restaurant and continued to snooze in his stroller while Coli and I walked around downtown.

Saturday morning, we took Coli back to the airport. Not even my bribes of nightly Yogurtland were enough to get to her stay. But she has two cuties of her own to get home to, so I guess we had to let her go. But we’ll see her again in a few weeks when we make our trip to Michigan at the end of June. That will be a HUGE adventure for Quinn.

That night, our friends Hillary and Ryan, came over for dinner. Aren’t they a cute couple? They’re getting married in September. Quinn gave Hillary some snuggles, but it was Ryan that wanted to take the little guy home. They’ll be great parents someday.

Sunday, my first Mother’s Day, was so special. It was a low-key morning, so I decided to spoil myself and do my favorite thing. I held Quinn in my arms while he slept and watched a couple episodes of my new favorite show, Damages, from my bed. He’s starting to use his hands and arms more, and with the way he sometimes hooks his arm around my shoulder, I’d bet money that he’s trying to hug me back. I knew I would love being a mommy, but I had no idea how much. I could stare at his sweet little face all day.

The celebration of mommy-dom continued at Matt’s parents’ house. The men cooked dinner while Quinn cuddled with his Nama Mary and played with his cousins.

The next day, my mom, Quinn’s Gramma Lori, arrived from Michigan to stay with us this week. She laid eyes on Quinn, and it was love at first site. Gramma happily sits in the rocking chair with Quinn in her arms. Quinn happily hooks his arm around her shoulder and snuggles her right back.

Quinn isn’t the only one getting spoiled. After two weeks of house guests and all this help with the baby, I’ve grown quite accustomed to having two arms to do with whatever I want.