Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: From scary to party

This week’s QWA post is a little late. We’ve been busy. Check it out.

No, that's not a volume knob... I tried.
If you read my last post, you know last weekend started out with a scare. The quick QWA recap is this: I took Quinn to see the pediatrician, Dr. L, because he seemed to have bad acid reflux.  Before she could send us home with an antacid prescription, Dr. L had to rule out pylorus stenosis. She sent us to the hospital for an ultrasound to determine if the condition existed. If it did, Quinn would have surgery that night. Luckily, the ultrasound came back normal. Whew! Let’s just say Friday was a very long night. Now, we’re just hoping his umbilical hernia goes down.

Since Quinn didn’t need surgery, we stuck with our original plan to get a new car that weekend. Before mommy-hood, I never understood why people super-sized their cars when the babies arrived. I mean, how does an eight-pound baby warrant a giant, gas-guzzling SUV? This is why.

I loved my Mazda3 (a.k.a., Maggie Madza), and I thought for sure we would keep her until we had our second kid.  However, Quinn travels with a giant car seat, giant stroller and giant diaper bag. The rear-facing car seat forced the front passenger’s seat to be pushed all the way forward. So there was no way my 6’2” Hubs could ride in the front with me. The only thing the front passenger’s seat was good for was holding the giant diaper bag. Plus, the stroller took up my entire trunk, leaving little room for groceries, jumper cables and dead bodies. Kidding about the dead bodies. Just seeing if you were paying attention.

So we traded Maggie in for a Toyota Highlander. It’s not a “mom car.” It’s a super awesome, pimped out mom car. Quinn loves his new ride. He has his own climate control, and he really digs being up higher. And now I don’t knock him into the door frame getting his car seat in and out. Now our Highlander just needs a name. Hubs says we should name her LaToya. I’m still soliciting other ideas.

Quinn and his new best friend.
My dear friend and college roommate, Nicole, arrived from Michigan on Saturday to meet Quinn and stay with us this week. It’s been wonderful having her here. Quinn took to her immediately, snuggling in and falling asleep on her shoulder. With her holding Quinn, I’ve been able to get so much done. I’ve even showered every day. We invited Nicole to live with us permanently, but she said her own husband and kids might miss her. We offered to let them live here too, but she still turned us down. Last night, we took her to Yogurtland to sweeten the deal. That oughta change her mind.

On Sunday, our good friends’ son, Ben, had a party for his second birthday. Ben seemed very excited about the new swim outfit Quinn bought for him. As usual, Quinn was quite popular with the guests. Ben’s grandma needed her baby fix, so she held Quinn for a long time. Ben quickly figured out that he could score major cute points and get some on-camera time if he came over to play with the baby. It was pretty cute. Big “awwww’s” all around.

Tune in next week to hear about our first Mother’s Day and the arrival of my mom, Quinn’s Grandma Lori. I see lots of spoiling in Quinn’s immediate future.