Monday, June 20, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: First Father’s Day

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. My Hubs is amazing. He takes such good care of our family. He’s an incredible husband, father, provider and friend. Quinn and I are very lucky to have him. So I wanted to show him how much we appreciate him and make his first father’s day extra special. This weekend was also Hubs’ birthday weekend, so we doubled the celebration.

Hubs’ pile of Father’s Day / Birthday gifts. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE wrapping presents?

We celebrated Hubs’ birthday on Friday night with a little ice cream cake. Hubs’ should have a birthday every weekend. Nom, nom, nom.

Quinn wow’ed mommy and daddy by showing off his ever-improving “tummy time” skills.

On Saturday, we returned to Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz for some birthday lunch and to enjoy the cooler coastal air. Trust me, Quinn has his moments when he can scream at a pitch that makes your teeth hurt, but for the most part, the kid’s pretty chill. Look at him, sitting there with Daddy and just people watching. Ahhh, peace and quiet.

On Sunday, Hubs’ let Quinn help him open his presents, starting with his first Father’s Day card.

Quinn got two very special Father’s Day gifts for his daddy. One was a baseball with his handprints on it. (For reference, if you don’t get your babies’ foot and hand prints immediately after they exit the womb, don’t bother. You have no idea what it took to get a squirming three-month-old’s hand prints on that damn ball without getting ink all over everything else. Some things just sound like a good idea.)

The second gift was this awesome storybook photo frame from Red Envelope. I filled it with our favorite photos of Quinn so far, and I had the plate on the front personalized to read “Happy first Father’s Day, Daddy. Love, Quinn.” Daddy loves photos!

We discovered that we can get quite a bit more accomplished now that Q can face forward in the Bjorn and just chill there while mommy or daddy bounces him around the house. Look who’s happy doing chores!

We went over to Nama Mary’s and Poppa Steve’s house on Sunday for a family Father’s Day barbecue. With the 85-degree heat, some pool time was in order. (As Hubs said, he was sweatin’ his balls off.) The nephews had a great time with their dad and Uncle Matt in the pool, with lots of “look at me” and “see how far I can jump.” They’re adorable. Someday Quinn will be that big. Wow…

Like good boys, the nephews helped Nama set the table.

Dinner was fantastic. Even Duke Dog hung out in the back hoping for some scraps. Quinn, however, would prefer to chow down on his own hand. Seriously, he munches on his hands so loudly, you can hear it in the next room.

Somehow, a barbecued rib ended up in a wine glass. Blasphemous, if you ask me.

I might have a new favorite picture of my son. The warm day became only a slightly cooler night, so we took a fussy – and mostly naked – Quinn outside to see if the breeze would change his mood. It totally worked. Look at that face! Yum, yum, yum.