Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Memorial Day

Baby Quinn’s first Memorial Day was low key. The crisp weather kept us indoors most of the weekend, but we still managed to have a little fun.

On Sunday, we went to Nama Mary’s and Poppa Steve’s house for a small family barbecue. Quinn entertained us with his cooing, which is starting to take on multiple syllables and octaves.

Uncle Matt also entertained the nephews. I have no idea what he’s talking about here, but the boys are captivated.

What was supposed to be a rainy Monday turned out to be a rather sunny day. So we went to lunch and then to the park with our friends, Adam, Erin and Claire. The crew surrounded Quinn just to watch him sleep in his shady seat.

The park’s water fountains were a big hit. Not sure who had more fun – Claire running through them or her parents chasing her.  

Claire, always a great little mommy, frequently abandoned the fountains to come back and check on the baby.

Dressed for the weather, Daddy and Q looked adorable in their matching gray hoodies and brown pants.

Last weekend was also a small milestone for our little guy. He’s outgrown most of his 3-months sized clothes. He can barely straighten his legs in those footed jammies. This week, I’ve been washing and sorting all his 3-6 months clothes and sadly packing away the smaller ones. I’m going to miss “E is for Elephant.”

I can’t believe how fast Q’s growing. It’s exciting to watch, and I love seeing him interact with his surroundings more and more. But part of me aches for that tiny baby we brought home just twelve weeks ago. And not just because he slept more.