Thursday, August 25, 2011


Two weeks in a row, y’all! Holla!


Move over Stacy and Clinton (but not too far because I still dream of meeting you one day). In Monday’s QWA, Quinn showed off his superb fashion sense and new wardrobe.

On Tuesday, I told you about my major separation anxiety and dress anxiety about leaving Quinn and what the hell I’m going to wear to this wedding. (Stacy and Clinton, I totally need you right now.)

Not-So-Wordy-Wednesday featured my first and last attempt to take the baby to the beach by myself. Yeah, that was dumb.

Speaking of anxiety, on Thursday, I confessed my extreme germaphobia. It gets worse. Next week, I’m posting a whole RANT about gross people.


This week’s awesome blogger referral is Amanda (a.k.a. Dumb Mom) from parenting BY dummies. She’s a fellow “dude mom,” super funny and super cute. Recently, she was featured on What NOT to Wear and met Stacy and Clinton in person. Her makeover was so amazing and inspiring, and being a die-hard fan of the show myself, I have been following Amanda’s blog ever since. Check out parenting BY dummies and get ready to laugh and laugh.


I almost didn’t start this blog because I was too chicken to put myself out there. But then I found myself inspired by our young nephews who don’t have a care in the world. They have absolutely no fear. So I wrote a quick post about how we can learn a so much from kids, and it includes a really cute video of the nephews skateboarding.

In addition to my gross people rant, next week I am guest posting for the first time, and I am so STOKED! (Yes, I just pulled out a 90’s term. Are you really that surprised by this?) Come by next week to find out where I’ll be.

Have a great weekend!