Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Over at the neighbor’s

There’s no “Not-So-Wordy Wednesday” today because I’m not here. Instead, you can find me over at Kate’s place, Sluiter Nation, doing my first guest post ever! I’m honored to be an official Sluiter Nation Recruit. (Okay, so Kate and I aren’t actually neighbors, but I soooo wish we were. I would let her borrow sugar anytime.)

She suggested I write about “belonging,” so I told the story of how I moved to California from Michigan in a post called “We’re not in Michigan anymore, Toto.” So head on over and check it out. And while you’re there, check out Kate’s recent posts and show her some bloggy love. You won’t be disappointed. She’s an exceptional writer and one of my favorite bloggers. And she's pregnant, so give her a big congrats while you’re there, too.

If you’re visiting me today from Sluiter Nation, welcome! So glad you came by. You’re the company I’ve been preparing for, and I tried to get the place all spruced up for you. I even ramped up my About page

In addition to the links Kate gave you, here’s a sampling of recent posts I think you’ll enjoy.

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Grandma games: My first RemembeRED prompt.

Thanks again for stopping by!