Sunday, August 14, 2011

Q and E sittin’ in a tree...

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Q and E sittin’ in a tree...

This weekend was pretty low key for a change. I know, we’ve been all over the place, so a quiet weekend was much needed. Especially since little Q had a bit of a cough. So I took him to Dr. L. on Friday, and she assured me it was most likely sinus drainage due to a mild allergy. She recommended a small dose of baby Benedryl, and that seems to help. It also zonked him out. It’s going to be tough not to use that on those nights when he won’t sleep and I want to pull my hair out, but Hubs and I have promised we’ll only use it if his cough is keeping him awake.

I’m not a bad mom for being tempted to drug my baby, right? Right?

On Saturday, Quinn was feeling much better, so he spent the afternoon with Daddy doing Man Stuff. First, they took a trip to Home Depot (doesn’t get much manlier than that), and then they met up with Q’s uncle and cousins at the skate park. D and J can’t wait to show Quinn how to skateboard. After he learns to walk, of course… and after I envelop him head-to-toe in bubble wrap.
It's a skateboard totem pole.

On Sunday, we went to Quinn’s girlfriend’s house for a barbecue. My friend has an adorable baby girl, E, who's about seven or eight weeks younger than Quinn, and I’m pretty sure he’s in love.
Her daddy has his eye on you, son.

He almost rolled on top of her in our new mommies groups this week. And then he tried to kick her, so you know he likes her. Ha!
He's playing it cool while he contemplates his next move.

Q and E sittin’ in a tree…

It was fantastic hanging out with other new parents, sharing triumphs and war stories, validating each other’s efforts. Throw together some friends, food, wine and baby adorableness, and you’ve got yourself the perfect way to end a weekend.