Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventure: Friends in hats

You can always pick out the tourists on the beaches in northern California in the summertime. Visions of sunshine and golden sand play in their heads, and they show up on the coast in shorts and t-shirts.

And they freeze their arses off.

The best time to be on the coast is in the spring and the late-summer/early-fall. Not August. It’s cold, foggy, misty, windy and certainly not sun-tanning weather.

But this weekend, we went to the coast anyway. This time, we went back to Half Moon Bay, one of our favorite places any time of year.

Beautiful summer weather only occurs on this side of ridge. Once you head over the hill to the ocean, the foggy drizzle sets in. Here you can see the cold fingers of fog climbing over the hill as we drove over.

We dressed Q and ourselves for the weather (and laughed at the vacationers in the walking tours wearing shorts and tanks). We even pulled out Q’s little tuk from our first Tahoe trip to keep his little head warm.

We took Q to the marina to look at the boats. Someday very soon, our little boy will be jumping up and down and screaming “Boats! Bo-o-o-o-o-ats!” But not quite yet.

We went back to the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company (the "Brew Co.") to warm up by the fire and make some friends. There were three other couples there with brand new babies, all just a few weeks old. So Q had fun showing them what’s to come in just a few months! Then Q decided he was bushed and fell asleep on daddy’s shoulder.

Later, the rest of our gang arrived after having spent the day at the rodeo, hence their super cool cowboy hats. Even little Claire had a hat. We’ve got to get one of those for Quinn!

Here, Claire gives Quinn his toy. She’s such a good little helper.

Quinn loved hanging out with everyone, especially Auntie Mo(rgan), the crafty creator of his cute tuk.

Okay, I need to wrap this up. I’m watching TLC, and there’s a story about a woman who eats her dead husband’s ashes. What??!! This needs my full attention…