Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Fashion Show

Five-month-old Quinn has outgrown his 3-6 month-size clothes, so I spent a couple slightly teary nights putting away the old clothes and washing up the new, bigger ones. However, this meant our Q-man got to show off several new outfits this weekend.

On Thursday night, we went to our favorite date-night spot to bid farewell to two of our friends who are moving on to new adventures of their own. Quinn decided to wear his new monkey outfit that shows off his awesome belly button. 

On Saturday, Quinn and Daddy went to Nama Mary and Poppa Steve’s house (while I went to my old office to clean out my desk). For this occasion, Quinn opted for the “Team Grandpa” outfit. Unfortunately, he had what the Hubs calls a “Code Brown” (a major poo explosion) on the way over there. Luckily, Hubs got this picture before the blast.

Code Brown required a wardrobe change, so Quinn chose his first pair of jeans and new puppy dog onesie. To be clear, no one calls my son naughty and gets away with it.

On Sunday, we spent the day in the park with Adam, Erin and little Claire. Quinn sported his orange and blue Team Captain jacket, which makes his hair look red in the sun… just like Daddy’s!

Claire had a great time splashing around in the creek in her pretty orange dress. She’s such a cutie!

Finally, ladies, this one’s for you. Yes, that is my Hubs sweeping our kitchen floor with Quinn in the Bjorn. Who needs porn when you have this? Ha!