Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Lake Tahoe

We made the road trip to Lake Tahoe again this weekend. Hubs’ family owns a condo in Incline Village on the north shore. It’s right on the lake, with access to a small, private beach for residents. We stayed there for four days with my in-laws, brother- and sister-in-law and their three kiddies. Luckily the condo has four bedrooms.

This is the view of Lake Tahoe from the balcony.

The snow stuck around later this year. You can still see caps on the mountains in July!

Quinn mastered his mad rolling-over skills during this trip. He now knows how to put all those rolls together to get to the other side of the room. He looks innocent here, but mischief is just a roll away.

On Friday, the rest of the family took the kids on the train from Carson City to Virginia City, NV. We thought the train might be too loud for Q (and Q might be too loud for the other passengers), so Hubs, Q and I met the rest of the gang in Virginia City.

Our nephews had fun panning for gold. This guy really looks like an old prospector!

We took this opportunity to break in the new jogging stroller. Q loved it!

Quinn bails Daddy out of (fake) jail.

Justin made a new friend…

 … but I still think he likes Quinn better.

Yeah, he definitely likes Quinn better.

After a day in the Old West, we gave Q a bath out on the balcony.

On Saturday, we spent most of the day down on the beach. Q fell asleep on Mama’s shoulder beneath our shady umbrella. Aw…

He didn’t even wake up when I put him into his Pea Pod. It’s a rough life when your Saturday is spent napping by the shore.

Quinn’s view of the lake from inside the Pea Pod, if he were awake to enjoy it.

We had a great family vacation. The next time we head back to Tahoe will probably be for snowboarding next season!