Thursday, September 1, 2011


Oh what a busy bloggy week it’s been! A new post each day, including a guest post. That meant lots of comments, tweets and emails to reply to and so many new people to meet. TONS of fun, but *whew!*

I’ve never been a huge Twitter person (probably why I’ve been “hidden” for so long), but this week I tweeted a little more than usual. I wish I had more time to chat online with all the great bloggers I met this week, but Quinn is a full-time job. Especially since he refuses to take afternoon naps. *sigh*


Monday’s QWA featured Quinn’s serious distaste for bananas. But the video of him hating bananas is quite entertaining.

On Tuesday, you had a good laugh at my expense as I relayed the comedy of errors associated with my incomplete blink.

No “Not-So-Wordy-Wednesday” this week because I was over at the neighbor’s. Kate from Sluiter Nation graciously hosted me at her blog, and I told you how I tried to fit in when moving to California from Michigan. Yep, I’m a Sluiter Nation Recruit!

On Thursday, I went on a germophobic rant about people who refuse to wash their hands after going to the bathroom. I found a few people who agree with me, so we can all be crazy together.


This week’s awesome blogger referral is Kate from Sluiter Nation. She was such a fantastic hostess on Wednesday, I wanted to make sure you all another chance to go check her out. She’s also one of the creative masterminds behind Write on Edge (formerly The Red Dress Club). Kate’s writing inspires me. I find myself writing on specific topics or telling certain stories in my posts. I feel like I have to go into a whole saga. But Kate reminds me that there is so much to feel and observe in each moment, that one can find significance worth sharing all around us every day. Her beautiful, articulate writing puts the reader in the moment with her, to feel her feelings with her, to reflect with her. It’s no surprise that she’s a writing teacher. Even though she says she’ll never be a big blogger, I think she already is. So pour yourself a cup of coffee – or glass of wine, depending on your pleasure – and read more Kate.


I had my annual appointment with the allergist this week, and the doctor was an hour behind schedule. I had Quinn with me, but luckily he slept during most of our wait. I considered just leaving, but I really needed my prescription for allergy meds renewed, so I stayed. When I don’t take them, bad things happen. Read all about it and have a good laugh at my expense (again) in Sloth Love Chunk.

Thanks for chillin’ with me this week. Next week, we’ll have a full QWA with Labor Day Weekend fun, and I’ll continue my germaphobic rant based on some conversations that my recent posts have sparked. Most importantly, my baby Quinn will be six-months-old next week! So I’m picking up the To LBK posts again in celebration if this milestone.

Have a great weekend, everybody!