Friday, September 16, 2011


What happened to summer? We’re already halfway through September, and the only tan lines on my entire body are from my flip-flops. Oh well. Here are this week’s R’s…


In Monday’s QWA, you saw us hit the dusty trail for a family hike… that lasted all of eight minutes.

On Tuesday, I whined about how Quinn refuses to take afternoon naps unless I drive him around. In case you missed it, find out why naptime is making me fat and broke.

In this week’s Not-So-Wordy-Wednesday, you got to see Quinn’s Screech impression.

Thursday, I decided I am a terrible housewife but a pretty decent stay-at-home-mom in SAHM vs. HW.


This week’s super awesome blogger referral is So Cal’s very own Cynthia from Life by Cynthia. She’s a fellow mommy and germaphobe, so we have lots in common. She updates three blogs almost daily, and they’re all amazing. (Are you in awe? I’m in awe.) Mommied Life by Cynthia is all about raising a family, being a working mom and how she juggles it all. Married Life by Cynthia is about making a marriage work. As she says, a happy wife is a happy life. (Can I get an Amen!) Finally, Life by Cynthia includes all her inspirations and ramblings, which are always witty, clever, insightful and fun. So get yourself some Cynthia this weekend and enjoy!


A few weeks ago I told you all about my separation and dress anxiety because we have two weddings to go to in one weekend, and I’m leaving Quinn to go to one of them in Boston by myself. Here’s a quick update. I found TWO dresses in my closet that A) fit, B) allow for easy boob access for nursing and pumping, and C) I won’t have to wear a strapless bra. BOOYAH! No shopping required (well, except for shoes). So one of my anxieties is resolved…

The big wedding weekend is THIS weekend. So next week, you’ll hear all about Q’s first wedding and his adventures with Daddy, how I held up being away from them for ~39.5 hours, and why my husband is so freakin’ fantastic (again). And of course, there will be lots of beautiful wedding photos.

Have a great weekend, friends!