Friday, September 30, 2011


It’s tough being sick when you’re a full-time mommy. You have to be on no matter how crappy you feel. There’s no laying low at your desk (not that I ever did that) or calling in sick. So I had to cancel a couple of dates with friends earlier in the week so I could recharge. But by Wednesday, I felt as good as new, so Quinn and I joined our mommy and baby friends for a day at a beautiful beach house. Baby cuteness galore!

All the babies! (Photo credit: Rebecca Pullen)


In Monday’s QWA, Quinn’s new best friend came to visit.

On Tuesday, I gave you the inside scoop on the rules that Hubs and I live by. So now you know our inside joke and understand why our engagement story (see below) is so us. And now you know what my weird URL means.

In this week’s Not-So-Wordy-Wednesday, you saw Q’s adorable little elbow dimples. I love baby chubs!  

Thursday, I told how Hubs popped the question in our engagement story.


This week’s super awesome referral is Write on Edge (formerly The Red Dress Club). This is a fantastic resource for bloggers and writers. It offers two writing prompts each week, link-ups on the weekends and tons of tips and advice. The “Red Writing Hood” prompt can be fiction or creative non-fiction, and they offer great ideas to spark your writing genius. “Remembe(red)” is a weekly non-fiction, memoir prompt, and it’s my favorite. Wondering how to leverage social media to get your blog or writing noticed? Check out their Social Media Toolbox with updates each week. I’ve learned so much from the amazing writers who operate this site, as well as the zillions of other writers who contribute articles and those who link up their posts each week. Check out my response to a Rememe(red) prompt, “Grandma Games,” and explore Write on Edge when you’re through.


I’m working on a new playlist for Q-man and I to listen to in the car, and it reminded me of an early “To LBK” post I wrote when I was about five months pregnant. “Car rides” is all about how we have been bonding in the car since long before he arrived.

On Monday, Hubs and I will celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary, so next week I will tell you the story of our wedding day and my wedding dress catastrophe. (Trust me, any bride would classify what happened as a catastrophe!) And, if I can get my act together, I’ll show you a short photo montage.

Have a great weekend, friends!