Monday, September 19, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: All Dressed Up

I’m late getting this week’s QWA up today. I’m writing this on the plane on Monday morning as I fly from Boston to San Francisco. This weekend was the Big Wedding Weekend, and I’m going to call it a success.

Quinn got all dressed up and attended his first wedding on Saturday, and he looked adorable in his little sweater vest.

And, of course, the bride and groom looked gorgeous and happy.

Who knows when the three of us will all look this good at the same time again, so we took advantage of the opportunity to capture a family photo. (It was about 90-degrees outside, so we promptly removed Quinn’s sweater vest after this!)

Quinn wasn’t the only little one in attendance. The cute little ring bearer couldn’t contain his excitement and ran around the yard, looking back only to check on his teddy.

Quinn was an angel during the ceremony. He sat quietly on our laps, chewed on his toys and made friends with the guests sitting around us.

Quinn did really well during dinner, too, until the DJ grabbed the mic to introduce the toasts. The loud noise from the speakers and applause from the crowd scared poor Quinn.

It was tough to recover after that. We were able to stay through dinner, but had to eat and run. Quinn had a long day. The upside is that we were home in time for me to put Q to bed. It was nice to spend a few extra, snuggly minutes with him before I had to leave to catch my flight to Boston for Wedding #2.

Sunday was Daddy’s first time flying solo with Q-man, which meant entertaining him all day, putting him down for naps, giving him bottles and solid foods, and dealing with middle-of-the-night feedings. He made sure to send me lots of pictures and videos from his cell phone to reassure me that all was going well on the home front.

Although Hubs says Quinn definitely missed me, they had a great time together. Big win for Daddy! Even though the day was blissfully uneventful, I’m sure Hubs is ready to tag me back in! I know I’m ready to get home, snuggle my little guy, and cover those sweet, pudgy cheeks with kisses.

Tomorrow, I will tell you more about Wedding #1 (with more pics), my trip to Boston for Wedding #2 and how this new mommy coped with being away from her baby for the first time. (I may have taken my frustration out on the gate agent at the airport. In my defense, he was a real d**k face.)