Monday, September 26, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Best Buds

Oh how times have changed. Last time our friends from Santa Barbara came up to stay with us, it was New Years Eve 2009, and we got too drunk to leave the house. So we stayed in, drank some more, played silly board games and laughed our butts off until the ball the dropped. And then we dropped into bed and passed out.

Our friends came up again this past weekend with their little boy, Dax, who’s just five days older than Quinn. This visit was a bit different now that we’re parents. Our activities centered around the babies’ temperaments instead of partying. We spent the day entertaining the babies and trying to keep them from crying. Once one started, the other wasn’t far behind. They never managed to nap at the same time, so one was always being shushed while the other slept. 

After the babies went to bed, we talked in subdued voices over dinner, and then we sipped a little wine around the fire pit. And then we dropped into bed and passed out, this time from exhaustion instead of alcohol consumption.

It was really cute to watch the baby boys together. They played on the big blanket and shared toys. The toy sharing will probably be much more difficult as they get older, but for now, they’re best buds.

Q and Dax want to give each other a big hug… or poke each other in the eye.

The boys have the same adorable laugh.

We pulled up the third row of seats in the Highlander, and the six of us headed to Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz for lunch.  

Hubs bought Quinn a new sunhat last weekend because his other one was too small. Um… this one might be a bit too big, Daddy. Haha!

For a couple pairs of newbie parents, the weekend went pretty smoothly. We had a great time with our friends, and it made us wish we lived closer together so the boys could play together more often.