Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: First Labor Day

Quinn’s first Labor Day weekend was busy, busy, busy! Q kept himself occupied with tailgating, swimming, barbecuing, playing and just plain being adorable.

Speaking of adorable, we caught Quinn gnawing on his own feet.

This sparked a twenty-minute photo shoot. Here’s my favorite picture from the session.

The photo shoot was over when Q starting eating the camera strap.

On Friday, Quinn tried pears for the first time. At first, he seemed to like them even less than bananas

…But then he decided he liked pears after all. (I'm getting pretty good at feeding Quinn with one hand and taking pictures with the other!)

On Saturday, Quinn attended his first tailgate party! San Jose State played at Stanford, so we headed up to Cardinal territory to tailgate before the game. 

After the game, Quinn needed a wardrobe change, and we found a shirt to match Daddy’s.

On Sunday, we had a family barbecue at Namma Mary and Poppa Steve’s house, and Quinn went swimming for the first time! His swimsuit is a hand-me-down from his cousins, and it’s still a little big for him, but I think that just added to the adorable factor.

He didn’t stay in the pool very long because it was getting a little chilly by late afternoon, but he seemed to really like the water. I think we have a water baby on our hands! Now we really can’t wait to take Q in the ocean when we go to Kauai in October. (Mommy went in the pool, too, but there will be no pictures of my post-baby belly on this blog.)

After all that activity, the plan is to just stay home and chill on Monday. But Mommy and Daddy don’t sit still very well, so there may be an impromptu adventure to finish off the weekend.