Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Not-so-wordy Wednesday: Firenze

In celebration of our second anniversary, you saw photo slideshows of our wedding and the first week of our honeymoon in Positano. We spent our second week in Florence, or Firenze as the Italians call it. It sounds so much more beautiful when they say it.

Our hotel in Florence was awesome, too! It was right on Via dei Tornabuoni where all the stuff I can’t afford shopping is, and our suite overlooked the Arno River. On the roof was an honor bar where we could pour our own wine and see the whole city. We spent several evenings up there watching the sunset and playing dominos.

The gluttony continued in Florence, and the wine flowed freely. Good thing we walked everywhere we went.

And the beer! Who knew there would be so many Irish pubs in an Italian town? We found all of them. The bartender of one such pub was thrilled to entertain two Americans on their honeymoon, and he played all the Guns-N-Roses videos. He pulled down a large projection screen and showed Every. Single. Video. Including all nine minutes of “November Rain.” Now every time a classic GNR song comes on, Matt and I yell “Guns-N-Roses!” in a thick Italian accent, just like our bartender friend.

Florence is such an amazing city. The art, the sites, the history. Here’s another short slideshow. Again, don't try to watch it in full screen mode. Stupid Blogger compressed it.

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