Monday, October 17, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Aloha, Baby

Ah, vacation. We’re back on Kauai, where Matt and I got engaged three years ago, and it’s amazing how much has changed since then. Now we’re here again with our little baby boy, who’s adjusting to island life quite well.

I’ll save the full Hawaii low-down for next week’s QWA and keep this one short. (I’m on vacation, people.) In the meantime, here are a few great pictures from our first full day in Poipu.

Quinn’s enjoying his breakfast out on the deck, overlooking the ocean.

The beach house we rented is literally ten steps from the sand. It’s called “Baby Beach” because the cove is surrounded by rocks and provides a protected little beach perfect for babies to play and splash.

Quinn looks like a little surfer dude in his new sunglasses.

Q’s first time in the ocean, and he loves it!

Mommy, Daddy and Baby enjoying the water together. (I apologize for the National Geographic boob shot. It’s difficult finding a swim suit that fits these days, so please just be proud of me for being brave enough to wear one.)

My boys.

Quinn loves it when Daddy tosses him high in the air.

Quinn’s first Hawaiian sunset.

Until next week, folks! Aloha!

I’ll reply to all comments when I return from vacation. Please be sure your email address is associated with your Blogger profile so I can reply to you. Mahalo!