Monday, October 3, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Good luck charm

A couple weeks ago, a package arrived for Quinn. We opened it up to find a whole bunch of cute baby loot from Grandpa Rocky (my dad) and his wife, who now live near Chicago. Being born and raised in Michigan, the loot included two adorable Detroit Lions onesies and small, soft footballs bearing the Lions logo.

The Lions played the Cowboys on Sunday. Since they’re undefeated so far this season, it was a little depressing to see the Lions losing 3-20 at halftime.  So we put Quinn into one of the onesies he received from Grandpa. I took his picture, and posted this on my Facebook profile:

Here’s another picture of Quinn watching football with Daddy. In the spirit of full-disclosure, my Hubs is not from Michigan and not a huge Lions fan. So they watched the 49’ers play the Eagles while I checked the Lions/Cowboys score on the Internet.

Believe it or not, my Facebook photo caption was correct! The Lions did come back in the second half to win the game, 34-30. Now, I can’t prove that my son in his onesie had anything to do with the win, but on the off chance he is the Lions’ good luck charm, he’ll wear it again next Sunday!

Also, the Detroit Tigers have made it to the postseason. They’re playing the New York Yankees in the division series, which is tied, 1-1. So for the game today, Quinn will wear the Tigers onesie that Grandpa sent, just in case some his good luck vibes also apply to Detroit baseball.