Monday, October 10, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Q-proofed

Quinn can now roll across the floor at warp speed. He was playing on the floor next to me last week, and I turned my head to take a bite of my cereal and check the time on my phone. I looked back and he was gone. He had rolled all the way across the room and hidden himself behind the vertical blinds in front of our patio doors.

So what does a good mom do? Run over and stop him from putting those dusty, dirty blinds in his mouth, of course. That was actually my first thought, but it was just too funny. So I ran over to get the camera instead. Then I took the dusty, dirty blinds out of his mouth. (Aren’t you proud of this germaphobe? Or disgusted at my terrible mothering? I'm a little bit of both.)

So on Sunday, Q and I ran some errands while Daddy baby-proofed the house. We now have latches installed on all of our kitchen cupboards and drawers, the bathroom cabinets, and the hall closet. The tall shelving units and TVs are now bolted to the wall, so they’re earthquake-proof and Quinn-proof.

There is also an elaborate gate around the wood burning stove in our family room to keep our little speed racer from getting burned. And all the cleaning supplies and other chemicals have been moved to the top of the hall closet, so neither Quinn nor Mommy can easily reach them.

At our next appointment when the pediatrician asks us again whether we’ve baby-proofed the house, we can finally say yes and stop looking down guiltily. And she can stop giving us that same terrifying pamphlet on household hazards.

The big highlight of the weekend was Quinn turning seven-months-old on Saturday. I can’t believe how big he’s getting! Here he is, sitting up all by himself (for the moment) in his awesome Pink Floyd shirt. He refuses to stay in one place very long, so these photo shoots are getting more and more difficult.

Quinn’s getting ready to crawl. His new favorite thing is to get up on his knees and elbows and rock back and forth. A couple of times, he’s managed to scooch backwards and forwards, but he can’t get any distance yet. So he quickly gives up and rolls where he wants to go.

Q’s other new trick is to puff out his cheeks and blow air (along with some spit) through his puckered lips, which never fails to make me laugh. I’m pretty sure he entertains me more than I entertain him.