Friday, November 25, 2011

Black F-R-R-R-iday!

Admit it. You’ve been up since 3 A.M. taking advantage of awesome Black Friday deals. Ah, it’s officially Christmas time. Yay!

There are two types of Black Friday shoppers. The first type are the“crowd bravers.” Some of you got up long before dawn, laced up your sneakers and actually went outside. You scraped the ice off of your windshields, waited in the cold for your favorite stores to open, and dove head first into the shopping frenzy. Warm up your credit card swiping arm because you, my friends, are no joke. Mad props to you.

The second type gets up just as early, but they shop from the comfort of their own beds. You are the “jammie shoppers.” You fired up your coffee pots, pulled on your fleece pants and popped open your laptops. You filled six online shopping carts before the sun came up. Add to cart, checkout, confirm order, and done. Word.

I used to be the second type of Black Friday shopper. Now, you couldn’t pay me to go to the mall. To me, nothing is more anti-holiday spirit than shoppers cussing at each other over parking spaces. (Bah-humbug to you, too, mean lady in the BMW.)

But this year is different. This year I’m a mom, so I didn’t get up at 3 A.M. to shop. Instead, I got up at 3 A.M. to nurse the baby, and then I went back to bed. Because this year, sleep is more important than savings.

Here are the R’s.


In Monday’s QWA, you saw Quinn’s toys scattered all over our family room.

I’m hosting my first giveaway! On Tuesday, I showed you the cool stuff I made with MyMemories digital scrapbooking software. Find out how easy it is, and win your own free copy!

In this week’s Not-So-Wordy Wednesday, you saw one of my favorite photos of Hubs and Baby Boy. I am so thankful for my family.  

Thursday, I described a humbling experience and told you what I'm most grateful for.

And today, in honor of Black Friday I offered up a bonus post to help kick start your holiday shopping. Do have a beloved little one to shop for this season? Here’s a list of Q’s favorite things to give you some ideas.


There’s no referral this week. We’re all so busy with Thanksgiving travel, family, football, cooking, eating, recovering and shopping. I’d rather wait and give you a super awesome blogger referral when you have more time to check them out. So expect a great one next week.


Last year on Thanksgiving, Hubs and I went to the skate park to watch our nephews show off their new tricks before our big family dinner. It’s amazing how much the boys have grown and changed since last year, but they’re still young and fearless.

Tune in next week!

Next week, you’ll see how Q’s first Thanksgiving went, and I’ll share some of my favorite winter memories. Oooooh, I just love Christmas time!

Have a great weekend, friends! Happy shopping!