Friday, November 18, 2011


Q-man’s sour demeanor disappeared and as abruptly as it blew in. His new tooth finally cut through the gum so he’s in much better sprits. Good thing, too, because Q and I were on our own this week while Hubs traveled to Asia on business. We actually had a great week together. We attended our first Gymboree class, had a great play date with our friends, and visited more friends for dinner. Both of us are much less cranky now and looking forward to Hubs coming home today! Here are the R’s.


In Monday’s QWA, Quinn played with his big boy toys, and we missed Daddy together.

I received the Liebster Blog Award, and on Tuesday, I shared the love with my top five picks. Check them out!

In this week’s Not-So-Wordy Wednesday, you saw Quinn’s new trick – waving hello and then falling down. The video is forty seconds of adorableness.

Thursday, I whined about my post-preggo body and appearance. Luckily, I still have my sense of humor.


The week’s super awesome blogger referral is Maggie from Accidentally by Design. Sound familiar? That’s probably because she’s one of the amazing bloggers to whom I passed on the Liebster Award this week. I’m convinced Maggie is an angel. She and her husband adopted three beautiful children. She’s also a doula, helping woman bring life into the world. An angel, I tell you.

Maggie is sometimes deep and insightful, unafraid to get into the heavy stuff. Sometimes she’s light and humorous, unafraid to get silly. And Maggie feels my pain about her own appearance, even though I think she’s beautiful.

Maggie is an experienced bloggess, but Accidentally by Design is new. Check it out this weekend and you’ll find out why she’s one of my new faves.


Quinn’s been such a sweet boy this week! He talked to me and told me fascinating stories. He crawled into the kitchen just to be with me. He gave me kisses and laid his head on my shoulder. Awww, he’s such a heart melter. Reminds of the first time he gave me a kiss. It’s enough to make a mama swoon.

Tune in next week!

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week. The holiday season is officially upon us, and that’s why I’m super excited to host my first giveaway! The prize is awesome, and just in time for the holidays. You won’t want to miss it. Other good stuff is happening over here next week, too, so don’t be a stranger.

Have a great weekend, friends!