Monday, November 28, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: First Thanksgiving

I just love Thanksgiving weekend. It marks the time of year when our bellies get fatter and our wallets get thinner, but no one seems to mind at all… until January.

For his first Thanksgiving, Quinn celebrated appropriately by eating more than he ever has. A very timely growth spurt, I’m sure. This kid’s been chowin’ down for four straight days.

Here he is eating his Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and sweet potatoes.

How adorable is Q in his brown and orange flannel?

The day after Thanksgiving is the official start of the Christmas season, in my book. So Hubs brought all the holiday boxes down from the rafters, including my favorite one – the wrapping paper box!

(If you missed my F-R-R-R-iday recap last week, check it out to find out how we spent Black Friday and get links to all the other goodies you may have missed.)

On Saturday, the three of us set off to Half Moon Bay (again) for what we thought was going to be a lovely lunch near the ocean at the Brew Co. We took the exit and nearly came to a screeching halt. Apparently, Half Moon Bay is the only place on the entire planet to get a Christmas tree, and the line of stopped cars wound up and over the hill for miles. So we called an audible and turned around the first chance we got and headed back to Burlingame to another brewery we like. (Luckily, there are breweries aplenty in the San Francisco Bay area.)

Quinn didn’t mind the change of plans as long as he had the Puffs he could eat.

It was a gorgeous fall day, so we walked around the little downtown, Q once again perched on Daddy’s shoulders.

We went to a friend’s house for dinner and stopped at the store along the way. While we chilled in the parking lot, Hubs let Quinn drive.

Q’s quite proud of his driving abilities. He’s got a bit of a lead foot. He might have gotten that from me.

On Sunday, we drove into the Santa Cruz mountains with some friends on a Christmas tree cutting adventure. The tree farm had a lot of really cute attractions for kids and families. They had cookies, cider and hot chocolate for sale. They offered hay rides and pumpkin rolling contests. They had a small petting zoo with chickens, bunnies and a couple hungry goats. There were picnic tables scattered everywhere, so we found a lovely little lunch spot for our group’s home base.

Here, Daddy and Q are warming up in the morning sun.

Daddy’s shoulders are Quinn’s new favorite spot. I think he could see the whole valley from up there. (Okay, Hubs is really tall, but maybe not that tall.)

It warmed up drastically as the day wore on, but the fireplace still provided a cozy spot to enjoy cider and cookies.

The three of us were clad in plaid, hoping to get a Christmas card photo, but I think we’re going to veto this one.

We decided to wait and get our Christmas tree next weekend, so stay tuned for more fun, Christmas-y photos next week!

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