Monday, November 21, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: More toys

Okay, so I sort of knew that today was Monday, but I’m all thrown off. Hubs was in Asia for business all last week, and he took today off so he could hang out with the Q-man and me. Having him home today made it feel like Sunday, and it didn’t occur to me that the QWA was a day late. See, I’m all thrown off.

So here is the very late QWA.

While Hubs was gone, I finished all the Christmas shopping for Quinn. Yes, already. I’m not usually this on the ball. I haven’t bought a single gift for anyone else, but babies are fun to shop for. And since I do all of my shopping online, it’s ridiculously easy. Too easy. With all my credit card information saved online, I just “add to cart” then click “confirm order,” and done. It’s on my porch two days later. Like magic. Thank you, Amazon.

So as of Sunday, my holiday shopping for my son was done. (Unless I see something else that’s really cute before Christmas, so I can’t promise it will stay done.)

Here is Quinn’s pile of Christmas presents. Some of these will be set out from Santa, some will be wrapped up from Mommy and Daddy, and some are for Santa to put into Q’s stocking.

Not that Q needs anymore toys. This is our family room floor. You have to wade through the toys to get to the couch, and you won’t make it without stepping on something that squeaks, lights up or plays music. I rotate the toys in, keeping most of them in storage bins, or else there would be even more toys all over the floor.

Hubs added to Q’s toy collection by bringing him an adorable little bear from Singapore that Q absolutely loves. Cute, right?

Last week, Grandma brought over some toys that the older grandkids have grown out of. Here’s Q playing with this funny little noise-maker. We call it his “microphone.” He keeps it in his special toy cupboard in the kitchen where he plays when I’m making lunch or when Hubs is cooking dinner.

Q also has his very own bookshelf for his soft books and board books. Every morning, he pulls them all off the shelf and plays with them while he lays in the sunbeam coming in through the window. Q might be part cat.

Even with all these toys, Q would still rather play with his sock. You can’t tell in this picture, but that sock is seriously slobbery.

Looking for Christmas ideas for a beloved little one? I got you covered. Tune in later this week for a bonus post with lots of baby gift ideas.

In the meantime, check out Mama Wants This. Alison featured my question about the best developmental toys in her “Tips, Ideas and Advice” series, and she posted responses from readers. I know I said I was done shopping for Quinn but that was before I saw these knob puzzles. (Thank you, Kristin!) I wonder if Q is too young for these… Hmm… maybe. Good idea for future gifts, though. But it’s nice to know that not everything that develops a young mind comes with a price tag.