Monday, November 7, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: A very jammie weekend

The weather was chilly and rainy this weekend – perfect for staying in your warm, cozy jammies all day. So that’s exactly what Quinn did. And since his jammies are super cute with monkeys and bananas on them, he can get away with that. (The adult version is not nearly as cute. Is there anything on the planet more unflattering? Seriously.) Here are some fun pics of our lazy day.

Our Q-man is eight-months-old today, and his twelve-month size jammies don’t even look that big on him. He loves his Baby Einstein “iPod.” (This is a great holiday gift idea for a little one, by the way. It plays music, obviously, but it’s not annoying and it has a couple volume settings.)

That blur is my son. Q only sits still when he’s sleeping. Why should he just sit in the floor and play with his stacking cups when he can roll around with the cups in his hands and scatter them all over the room. That’s way more fun.

And what’s more fun than rolling? Army crawling across the floor to get to Mommy’s gym shoes… which I promptly removed from Q’s path before he could put them in his mouth. Ew. But look at him go! I’m so proud!

Q also loves to clap his hands now, so he makes a great buddy to watch football with. Daddy may have had more fun watching Quinn than the watching the game.

In other big news, Q has officially outgrown his infant car seat. Supposedly you can use those things until the child is 35-pounds. Ha! Kids get way too tall for the seats before they get too heavy. Q’s little feet hung over the end and the shoulder straps couldn’t be adjusted any higher. So we upgraded him to a convertible car seat. It looks so cushy and comfy, I wish they came in adult sizes. And how cute is Q in his little winter hat with the puppy ears? 

They grow so fast...