Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two ninjas, a giraffe and a princess

Not-so-wordy Wednesday: Two ninjas, a giraffe and a princess

Quinn’s first Halloween was delightful. Too young for trick-or-treating, we decided to just take Q over to see his cousins and get some pictures of them together in their costumes.

Our little giraffe and his ninja cousins.

J and D looked super tough in their ninja attire, complete with swords, throwing stars… and a lollipop.

Q looked adorable in his costume. I’m kinda sad he won’t wear it again. Maybe he can wear it to the park or to the grocery store once in a while… okay, no, I won’t do that… maybe just around the house…

Here we are on our front porch waiting for trick-or-treaters. Q’s skeleton jammies glow in the dark!

Wait, didn’t the title say something about a princess? Yes, our two-and-half year-old niece dressed up as a princess for Halloween. A Dora the Explorer princess, to be exact. However, she refused to put on her costume or get her picture taken. Apparently she takes her role as princess very seriously. Although we did get to see her in the royal purple tiara, and she looked beautiful.