Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: First Christmas

Christmas takes on a whole new meaning once you have kids. Q-man is only nine months-old, but watching him experience Christmas made the holiday even more meaningful.

Here’s Quinn’s first Christmas. Hope you enjoy it as much as he did.

I know we did.

Christmas Eve is the big hoopla for my husband’s extended family. This year, everyone gathered at his aunt and uncle’s house. Q was scared out of his mind a little cautious at first, walking into a room full of people staring at him. But he quickly warmed up and turned on the charm.

How cute are Q and his cousin in their argyle sweater vests!

As exhausted as we were when we got home, we remembered to leave out some cookies for Santa. And some wine. Not sure we’ll be able to get away with this next year.

Christmas morning, Q woke up at his usual 6:30 a.m., only this time we didn’t mind at all. The three of us headed out to the living room to see what goodies Santa delivered.

Q actually had more fun pulling all the bows off the presents and trying to climb up the Christmas tree. This might be my favorite part of the day, watching him explore and crawl all over everything.

After Q’s much-needed morning nap, we headed over to Namma and Poppa’s house for a Christmas brunch and a LOT more presents.

Look at this cute little rocking giraffe my mother-in-law found! It goes with the giraffe theme in Quinn’s nursery, and he loves sitting in it.

Then the three of us headed back home to open the rest of our presents. Quinn was a big help.

I received an extra special gift from my son this Christmas, which I will tell you all about next week. Be sure to have a box of tissues handy! I wish I had some when I opened it.

Q’s first Christmas was everything I had hoped it would be. I loved spending time with our new little family. My Hubs and baby boy are the only gifts I need.