Monday, December 12, 2011

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Meeting Santa and other Fun Stuff

That’s right. Q met Santa Claus this weekend. You never know how that’s going to work out with the little ones, sitting on some strange dude’s lap. But Quinn turned on the charm for ol’ Saint Nick and gave up one of his best smiles. He must really want that pony.

The rest of the weekend included lots of playtime. One of Quinn’s new favorite games is “Upside Down Quinn,” which basically consists of turning him upside down and yelling “upside down Quinn.” Yeah, not one of my most creative games, but he loves it. So when the pre-dinner witching hour hits and Q starts to get cranky, this game distracts him for a little while. Usually just until my back starts to hurt.

Quinn also received his very first faux lightsaber – the empty wrapping paper roll. Every kid of all ages loves playing with the empty wrapping paper roll. It’s a little too big for Q to wield this year, but I think by next Christmas, we’ll all be getting bonked with one of these things.

And it was bound to happen. Q had a terrible cold last week, and after sneezing and coughing right in my face for five straight days, I now have the yucky virus. Bleh. But Hubs stepped up like a champ this weekend and took care of Quinn in the mornings so I could get an extra hour or two of sleep. This meant lots of father and son playtime, of which Hubs took lots of pictures.

Q likes to read in the sun that shines through our patio doors in the morning. Here he is by his bookshelf catching up with Dr. Seuss.

Since Q loves to play with the remote, Hubs found an old one we don’t use anymore and gave it to Q to play with. Mainly so Q would stop changing the channel on us. Instead of being in his jumperoo, Q chooses to “play fort” under it with his new remote and other toys.

No father and son playtime would be complete without a rousing game of chase. Get him, Quinn!

Got him.