Thursday, January 12, 2012

Betcha Didn’t Know

The wonderful and fantastic Literal Mom bestowed upon me a neat little award. 

Here’s how it works:

Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
List seven things people may not know about you.
Pass the award onto fifteen bloggers and notify them.
Post the badge on your blog.

So, big sloppy thanks to you, Literal Mom! (I know, I’ve talked her up before.) I’m honored to receive this award, especially from a blogger that I admire as much as her. And it’s not just because we’re both named Melissa, although that does boost our combined awesomeness. If you have a chance, read her seven things. They’re funny. And gross. You’ll like them.

Here are seven things you might not already know about moí. It was actually sorta difficult to come up with this list. I’m pretty much an open book and probably blather on about myself entirely too much. If there’s something about me you don’t already know, it’s for a good reason and will likely stay that way. But I did my best to come up with seven new, non-super-secret, tidbits.

1.      One: I have an irrational hatred for glitter and anything covered in glitter. Greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, make-up, strippers… I hate it all. If I could rid the planet of one thing, it would be glitter. I could write an entire post about my hatred for glitter. In fact, I think I will. The world needs to know about this sparkly menace.

2.      Two: I've been a SAHM for ten months now and loved every minute of it, but sometimes I really miss my big-girl job. Like many moms, I want both. I’m toying with the idea of doing independent consulting, just part-time for now. I have no clue where I will find the time, so if anyone has any advice, please holla!

3.       Three: On a serious note, I’ve yet to muster up the courage to write about my post partum depression after Quinn was born. I have several drafts in progress, but I can’t seem to find the words. Maybe enough time has gone by now and I’ll try to write about it again. Or maybe the fog is still lingering on my horizon, and I need to wait for it to lift completely before the words will come.  

4.       Four: As related to #3, I have pretty bad anxiety when it comes to Quinn. I’m constantly stressing and second-guessing myself. I can spiral into a tizzy with my “what if’s” within seconds. I had hoped that my new “let go” philosophy would carry me through motherhood, but so far, the old anxious me is back in the driver’s seat. But more about that in a future post....

5.       Five: I almost named this blog after a porno movie. Entirely by accident, of course. I had a great name all picked out for my new blog, and I was super excited about it. Then I did some quick research and discovered that name was already taken… by a Swedish porno. The even funnier thing is I can’t even remember what the name of it was now. I could try to jar my memory and do another search, but I’m not sure I’ll like what I find!  

6.      Six: In eighth grade, I won a geography bee. Like a spelling bee, but I answered geography questions. At that time I could name damn near every country on the planet and its capital and point to it on a map. I could also name islands and seas and mountains and a bazillion other geographical features. Now, all that knowledge has been replaced with baby stuff. I no longer remember the capital of Botswana, but I know how to get a poop stain out of sweater. You tell me which one comes in handy more often.

7.       Seven: I can wiggle my ears. For real.  I can even wiggle one at a time. People ask me how I do it, and I don’t really know. The same way you move your arms and legs. My brain tells my ears to move, and they do. Freaky.

Whew! Okay, glad that part’s over. Now onto the fun part. Here are the fabulous bloggers I’m passing this award on to.

Like Literal Mom, I only picked ten. Not that I don’t love more than these ten beautiful blogs, but fifteen just seemed excessive. So read these ladies! They’re fascinating.