Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dear Mommy

Before our son was even born, I wrote several letters to him on this blog – before we knew he was a him, when he was still our LBK.

So for Christmas, my wonderful, amazing husband helped our almost-ten-month-old baby boy write a letter to me. The letter came with this aquamarine ring, the birthstone that Quinn and I share. (I guess Santa dropped my note where the Hubs would find it.)

The ring alone is a fabulous gift, but this letter from Quinn is sweeter than any gift I could have asked for. Want to read it? You may need a tissue first. I wish I had one when I read it. Go ahead and grab one, I’ll wait…

Okay, here it goes:

Dear Mommy,

How can I tell the greatest mom in the world how much she means to me? What kind of gift tells you how much I need you? I tried asking all the toys that you have given to me in the past 10 months. You know, the ones that magically move and talk whenever you are around and make me smile and laugh for hours? They were oddly silent, as they usually are when you are not in the room.

So I decided that maybe the bathtub that you so lovingly bathe me in every night could help me figure out what to get you for Christmas. Alas, it just sat and held the warm water that you always make sure is the right temperature and that I splash your nice clothes with until you are drenched.

So I thought that the spoon that you feed me with, everyday without fail, might know. The one that you make sure fills my tummy first before you even start your meal. However when it came time for me to ask it, you read me a book indicating that it may have run away with the dish.

I was beginning to worry that you may never know how much I love you. I tried one last time by asking daddy how I could show you how much you mean to me. For once, he was helpful…

Daddy told me that when he wanted to show you how much he loved you, he bought you a special ring. A ring that would keep the two of you close even though he can’t be next to you all the time. A ring that would remind you of his love even when he was far away from us. A ring that would let you know that he was yours forever.

After listening to daddy explain the ring he gave you, I thought that it might be a good place to start trying to tell you how much I love you and that I will be your son forever.

Love, Quinn

Yeah, I know. I bawled, too. Oh, how I love these boys. My cup runneth over.