Friday, January 13, 2012


It hardly feels like January here in the Bay Area. It’s sunny and sixty-five degrees. I bought Quinn a nice warm jacket, expecting it to be cold and rainy in December and January, but he outgrew it without wearing it once. So we had to buy him a new one in a bigger size. It’s gotta get cold eventually.

Here are the R’s.


In Monday’s QWA, Quinn had a great time on vacation in Monterey.

On Tuesday, I shared why I’ll probably never be a big blogger, and I received kind, supportive comments from many of you. Thank you!

In this week’s Not-So-Wordy Wednesday, Q plays with the lids to the pots and pans, and Daddy captured a pretty funny photo.  

Thursday, I shared seven things you may not know about me and passed on an award to ten lovely bloggers you should definitely check out!


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This week’s super awesome blogger referral is Tiffany from Elastamom’s Excerpts. I love the mental image of an “Elastamom.” I picture the mom from The Incredibles, the animated super-hero family. Every mom should possess Elastagirl’s super power.

Please meet the mom who does.

Elastamom is an excellent mom, wife and blogger, and I’m so glad I found her website. Her oldest child, Olivia, has Cri Du Chat Syndrome, a rare genetic disease, and she is the inspiration behind many of Elastamom’s stories. (This recent post about Olivia had me reaching for the tissues.) She also has two awesome little boys who love their big sister and keep everyone laughing.

Elastamom’s most recent post shocked me. She shared a memory of her father that took a lot of courage. Her story sparked so much emotion in me, I wanted to go punch the guy. That’s some good writing.

So stretch out on couch with Elastamom this weekend. She’s incredible.


I didn’t make a specific new year’s resolution to get in shape since that seems to be on my mind all year long.  In June last year, I launched Operation B4. It’s going okay, but the results are slow. I’m basically just maintaining at this point. I need more time to go to the gym, but I don’t know how to make that happen. Two or three hours a week isn’t cutting it.

Tune in next week!

I’ll share my concerns about what my parenting choices are teaching Quinn and some other anxieties about motherhood. Any advice from more experienced moms would be well received! Or you can at least commiserate with me. That would be just fine too.

Have a good weekend, friends!