Friday, January 20, 2012


Of course, after yesterday’s post about how hard it is being a SAHM, Quinn decides to be an angel all day. He took two su-u-u-u-u-per long naps, ate every meal like a champ, and didn’t kick me in the throat once all day. Bath time was still a bit challenging, but otherwise, he was a model child. I was almost sad when his bedtime came around. Almost.

Here are the R’s.


In Monday’s QWA, Quinn watched the playoffs with Daddy. Go Niners!

On Tuesday, I confessed my anxiety over what I’m really teaching Quinn and my fear that I’m always doing the wrong thing.

In this week’s Not-So-Wordy Wednesday, the feisty little snap dragon in our yard defied winter.   

Thursday, I blew the dust off an old post I never intended for you to read. But I got a little courage from another blogger and changed my mind.  


This week’s super awesome blogger referral is Galit from These Little Waves. Her writing? Amazing and soft. Her stories? Sweet and gentle. Her children? Adorable! She’s a well-traveled mother of three who writes about parenting and life stuff.

I love that Galit talks about tough topics, like having an inter-faith family and celebrating the holidays. But I also love how she talks about them. How she brings you into the moment with her. It’s like she sets an extra place at the table just for you.

In a recent post, Galit encouraged her daughter to submit a poem she wrote, and the poem was published! Stop by and congratulate young Kaylie here.

Galit co-hosts a wonderful monthly link-up called Memories Captured. It’s going on right now, so check out all the great contributions, and if you’re feeling inspired, add one of your own!

Want to get caught up fast? Check out her beautiful 2011 review in photos. Gorgeous! So pull up a chair and get to know Gailt this weekend. She’s a phenomenal writer and simply lovely.


This week was kinda heavy, so let’s lighten it up a bit. Have a good laugh at this comedy of errors that all started with my incomplete blink. That is not a metaphor. I actually have an incomplete blink. Or so says some quack doctor.

Tune in next week!

So I’m reading this book about motherhood and anxiety. I’m starting to wonder if that was such a good idea, but it’s given me a lot to think about. And write about. Next week I’ll share some of my thoughts about and experience with the anxiety that motherhood seems to bring, and I’d love to hear yours, too.

Have a good weekend, friends!