Monday, January 30, 2012

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: All Play and No Work

Quinn’s got a pretty good life, I must say. His weekend consisted of playtime, playtime and more playtime.

Don’t Quinn and Daddy look adorable in their coordinating blue and white stripes?

Quinn knows he’s not supposed to play with the DVR, Wii or other items on the media center shelf that we can’t figure out how to baby-proof. As you can see, he’s quite terrified of his parents and obeys us well. (Yeah, riiiiight… )

Quinn likes to bounce on the outside of his jumperoo. In this short video, he goes a little bonkers. And he does his version of the sign for "all done" at the end, which is really cool!

Here’s another short video of Q and Daddy playing chase. Q laughs the whole time and celebrates his victory by slobbering on Daddy’s hat.

On Sunday, we stopped by Namma and Poppa’s house to see everyone. Quinn’s uncle and cousins were there playing basketball.

Quinn and Poppa Steve watched the action from the sidelines.

Then Namma Mary found this car to push Q around in, and he loved it! That’s a pretty pimp ride you got there, Q. All the lady babies want to ride with Quinn!

Last night, Quinn was asleep by seven-o’-clock. All play and no work makes Q a tired boy.