Monday, January 23, 2012

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Tag Team (Back Again)

It’s no secret that Hubs and I make a great team. This weekend, we each happened to have stuff planned, so we took turns entertaining Q-man.

I went out with the girls on Friday (Yay for Mommies Night Out!), and I went to a baby shower on Saturday afternoon. So Hubs was on Daddy Duty (yes, dear, I said “duty”) quite a bit this weekend.

Quinn’s been eating and sleeping so much better since he’s back on his acid reflux medicine, but I was still a little worried about leaving him for so long. Not that Hubs can’t handle it – he’s a Daddy Pro now – but I know how hard it can be to deal with a cranky Q all by yourself. But they had a great time together, so once again, I worried for no reason.

Then on Sunday, Hubs tagged me in while he went to watch football with the guys, so it was just Quinn and Mommy yesterday. But I didn’t mind at all, and not just because I didn’t have to watch football all day (although that part was pretty awesome). We met a friend for a quick stroll around the mall to get out of the house and stay out of the rain.

This weekend felt a little weird. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but then I realized it was because Hubs and I barely saw each other. I’m glad we're able to tag each other in, and it was really nice to get a break. But I’m also glad that weekends like this are rare. As awesome as it was spending time with friends, Hubs is my best friend and spending time together as a family is my favorite part of the weekend.

Here are some photos from our brief family time on Sunday morning. 

See why it's so hard to leave him? So cute!

Q is ready for his close-up. 

Q thinks Daddy is hoot!

Q rediscovered his Sophie.