Friday, February 17, 2012


Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Hubs and I celebrated last night because going out to dinner on actual Valentine’s Day can be a nightmare. So last night we went to this cute little restaurant downtown, then walked to a nearby hotel bar for drinks, and finished the night at Yogurtland – the Mecca of frozen yogurt. (They have Rolos for toppings. Rolos!)

Hope your week was full of sappy, lovey-dovey goodness.

Here are the “R’s.”


In Monday’s QWA, Quinn had fun with pillows.

In honor of Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, I talked about how having children changes a marriage and how my wonderful Hubs is still my Valentine.  

In this week’s Not-So-Wordy Wednesday, you saw Q loungin’ in his jammies.

Thursday, I doled out more advice. This time I shared five things that non-mom friends of first-time moms should know.  


This week’s super awesome blogger referral is Kathy from My Dishwasher’s Possessed.  Apparently, her dishwasher has had four exorcisms. You like her already don’t you? I knew you would.

I recently found Kathy’s blog, and I’m so glad I did. She’s a mom to three wonderful kids that make her life fun and always interesting. She shares beautifully written stories, memoirs, and perspectives on a variety of topics. This post about her husband joining the family for dinner is great. I think most moms can relate to this, even if your hubs eats with you every night.

This story about her youngest son is hilarious. Don’t drink your morning coffee while you read this because it will come out your nose.  

Kathy writes numerous gems like this. With a daughter who has special needs, two sons who are… well, you know how boys are… and a husband who is often away because of his work –  somehow she manages to hold it all together and keep us all laughing, thinking and smiling with her words.

Kathy posts once a week on Sunday, so there’s no excuse not to subscribe to her. Anyone can keep up with reading one post a week. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday. So get to know Kathy, her wonderful family and her evil dishwasher this weekend.


For our honeymoon, Hubs and I spent two fabulous weeks in Italy. So last October, in honor of our second wedding anniversary, I posted two short videos about our fantastic vacation. We spent the first week in Positano and the second week in Florence

So while many of you are planning your summer vacation travels, I though now would be a great time to remind you how amazing Italy is. Just in case you feel like splurging a little. Feel free to send these links to your husbands and boyfriends as not-so-subtle hints. :)

Tune in next week!

Okay, I’m going to do it. I’m committing to it now. I’m finally going to talk about post-partum depression and what I experienced after Quinn was born. It only took me a year to build up the courage, so please be gentle.

I’m also going to change up my blogging schedule a bit. Writing five posts a week is getting hard to keep up with, and I’m sure it’s not easy for you to keep up either. So I’m going to start taking Thursdays off, unless of course, there’s an awesome prompt from Mama Kat (and let’s be honest, they’re all pretty awesome) or something pops into my head that I just have to write about.

I’m kinda bummed about this decision because I have a blog calendar full of topics until July, and if I take out one post a week, that books the calendar through the rest of the year. And it’s only February. Plus, other stuff comes up that I want to write about, and that always shifts the whole calendar.

Hmmm… we’ll see how long this lasts.

Have a great holiday weekend, friends!