Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Not-so-wordy Wednesday:  Loungin’

This is an old picture of Quinn, but it’s one of my favorites. I took this photo around Halloween last year when he was almost nine months old.

After batting that plastic bowl around for a while, Q tired himself out and collapsed onto the wall of pillows behind him. (That wall of pillows contained him for about a minute before he figured out how to move them out of his way and crawl through. Then he just crawled right over them.)

Q looks so chill and relaxed here. I can’t remember the lasttime he held this still while awake. I’m glad I have photographic evidence that it really is possible for him to be still for a moment.


  1. He looks so relaxed and cool! I love the bowl between his toes!

    1. Thanks! Yes, "cool" is the definitely right word to describe his expression in this picture. :)