Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not-so-wordy Wednesday: First Snow

Yes, we’re one of those California families that “go to the snow.” Quinn’s first snow trip has been incredible so far. This week’s Not-So-Wordy Wednesday might be slightly wordy, but it’s also heavy with snow-filled photos of the scenery and cute-filled photos of the Q-man.

(This post is part of Working on a Project's monthly {Focus} on Mom Photo Challenge.)

We asked for snow and we got it! Quinn saw his first snow fall, and he was in awe.

The view of Diamond Peak ski resort from the patio of our rental.

The view of the snow-covered mountainside from the window.

Two months later, it feels a lot like Christmas.

Quinn tries to catch his first snow flake.

Our little future snowboarder.

Daddy and Q are ready to play in the snow.

Quinn scoops up his first handful of the cold powder…

… and, of course, gives it a taste.

Quinn was pretty much over it after just a few minutes. The snow might be more fun for him when he can walk… and when it’s not twenty-two degrees outside.

Hubs and I took advantage of the “parent predicament” ski pass from Diamond Peak that allowed us to share a lift ticket. We were each able to hit the slopes for a few hours while the other one stayed with Q-man.

I forgot how pretty my snowboard is. Oh, and the view of Lake Tahoe is pretty awesome, too. :)

The runs were empty on my first day up. It felt sort of ominous up there with the threatening, gray skies and the wind whipping the snow up the mountain. It was almost spooky being up there all alone.

In the places where the snow wasn’t whirling around, I could see the tracks I made from the runs before, untouched by other skiers. To take my mind off of the isolation, I made a game out of trying to follow my own tracks.

We have two more days in the mountains, and a lot more snow is expected. We’re hoping to get at least one more day of snowboarding in, but it will depend on the weather. I really hope we don’t get snowed in up here. We have a certain someone’s first birthday party on Sunday!