Monday, February 27, 2012

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Fine weather we’re having

There’s only a few places in the world where you can you visit the snow covered mountains and the warm, sunny coast in the same day. California is one of those places.

Okay, so we didn’t do both in the same day. But we could’ve if we wanted to. Instead, we’re visiting both in the same week.

This weekend, Q-man, Hubs and I went to Half Moon Bay to enjoy this unseasonable seventy-degree weather by the ocean.

We started with lunch at our beloved “Brew Co.” (I’ve mentioned this awesome brewery before, like here, here and here.)

Quinn has graduated from Puffs snacks. Those are for babies. Now, he’s onto Cherrios.  So what if he only has six teeth. Here, he chows through his pile of Cherrios while enjoying the ocean view.

Pay no attention to the man behind the Plexiglas. Apparently, they were shooting a video at the Brew Co. that day, and we ended up in several of their shots. (I told you Q was cute enough to be in pictures.) So it seems only appropriate that the camera crew should end up in a few of ours. :)

After lunch, we took a stroll to a small nearby beach. If you need a reminder that it’s actually February, stick your toes in the water. BRRRR! You can’t really see his face in this photo, but Q was none too pleased, and he immediately pulled his piggies out of the frigid water.

Hubs didn’t seem to mind the cold water too much though, and Q was much happier from his perch on Daddy’sshoulders.

The other highlight from the weekend is Quinn’s new baby swing. Last week, I complained to Hubs that each park only seems to have two baby swings, and there’s always a wait to use them. And then you have those park moms who don’t make their children give up the swing so someone else can use it. And then there are those kids who are WAY too big for the baby swing, but their parents let them use it anyway even though there are tons of regular swings and a long line of babies waiting. I don’t know much about park etiquette yet, but I imagine these behaviors are in violation.

Upon hearing my park woes, Super Hubs swooped in and saved the day with the brilliant idea of getting Quinn a swing of his own. Hubs installed the new swing under our back porch so Q can use it even on rainy days.

Q loves it! In fact, he might love his swing a little too much. He screams and cries every time we take him out of it, just like he does at the park. But at least now I don’t have every park mom glaring at me while he’s crying. (What, like my kid is the only kid that’s ever cried? Why do these moms insist on giving me stink-face? I’m taking him out of the swing – despite his protests – so their kids can use it. Stop glaring and say thank you. Geesh! Okay, sorry for the rant. I’m done.)

After a gorgeous, sunny weekend, our little family of three set off last night on a road trip to Lake Tahoe. We’ll spend the next four days in the freezing cold, but we’ll love every second of it. Stay tuned for Not-So-Wordy Wednesday this week to see some of the snowy highlights of our trip.