Monday, February 20, 2012

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: POP!

Quinn’s first birthday is coming up, so I’m having tons of fun planning a small party for him. However, I’m having trouble figuring out what to put in the loot bags for the kids since there will be boys and girls ranging three months to eight years of age, so it’s hard to find goodies that are suitable for everyone.

Then I remembered how much Quinn liked the “touchable” bubbles from the Gymboree class we went to a couple times. (The bubbles were the only thing either of us liked, so we didn’t go back.) The bubbles would land on the floor and on the kids’ hair and clothes, and they wouldn’t pop. They were a hit!

I decided the Gymboree bubble solution would be perfect for the kiddies’ loot bags, and I looked up the recipe online. I had this big, grand plan to cook it up myself and create my own labels for the bubble bottles to go along with the party theme (more on that later).

This all sounded so easy in my head.

Then after further consideration, I decided that sounded like a sh*t-load of work.

At a party supply store, I stumbled upon “Super Miracle Bubbles,” which claim to be the exact same thing. I purchased a small bottle to test out at home with Quinn.

The bubbles landed on the floor without popping, more or less, but they’re not as durable and the Gymboree bubbles, and they’re harder to blow. (Stop giggling, Hubs.)

At first, Quinn got a little frustrated that he couldn't pick them up. So I made a big production and exclaimed “Yay, Quinn! You popped it!” so he would know that’s what’s supposed to happen. Then he really started to enjoy chasing the bubbles around the floor and popping them.

While I don’t think there’s anything “super” or “miracle” about these bubbles, they’re cheaper than the Gymboree version and easier than making them myself, which probably wouldn’t turn out as good as Gymboree's anyway. 

I might still make my own bottle labels though. I’m a glutton for punishment.