Friday, March 23, 2012


That’s it? That was winter? How is it spring already? It barely got chilly here and hardly rained at all. I wonder if our rainy season will come late or if we’ll just skip it all together this year. The trees and flowers in our yard definitely think spring is here to stay. Everything’s starting to bloom already. I hope I still fit into my warm weather clothes…

Here are the “R’s.”


In Monday’s QWA, we had some down time at home with Q-man.  

On Tuesday, I worried over nothing.

In this week’s Not-So-Wordy Wednesday, you saw a funny video of Q laughing hysterically over a springy door stopper.  He’s so stinkin’ cute.


This week’s super awesome blogger referral is Katie from Sluiter Nation. Wait, hasn’t she already been my F-R-R-R-iday referral? Yes, she has! And I’m referring her again this week, so head over there and show her some love.

Katie’s been quite busy lately. Meet Charlie, her brand new baby. Isn’t he precious? Now you see why I decided it’s time to celebrate Katie again.

Katie invited me to be part of her bloggy family as a Sluiter Nation Recruit last August. Such an honor! That’s how Katie is – always opening her blog and her heart and making everyone feel loved.

I love Katie right back because she’s not afraid to pour her heart out about anxiety, PPD and family stuff. Plus, she’s from Michigan, too. Booyah.

Stop by and say congrats to this new mother of two this weekend. Give her a virtual hug… and perhaps a trophy or tiara of some kind. She deserves it!


I can’t believe it’s been almost twenty years… My grandmother passed away eighteen years ago today. I wrote this post, Grandma Games, about her last year. I had such fun playing cards, Yahtzee and other games with her. What are some of your favorite grandma memories?

Tune in next week!

We’re off to the snow again! (Hey, if winter doesn’t want to come to us, we’ll go to it.) Next week’s QWA will have more fun, snowy photos. We’re hoping to take Quinn sledding, so I’ll let you know how that goes. I’ll also tell you a strange story about our neighbors that has me really puzzled. I’d love to hear your theories!

Have a great weekend, friends!