Friday, March 30, 2012


It’s been another snot-filled week at our house. I took Q to one “Mommies and Movers” yoga class, and he got sick. Why can’t people keep their sick kids at home? Seriously, it’s yoga. The world will not end if they have to miss one class. Grrrr…. Okay, don’t get me started.

Here are the “R’s.”


In Monday’s QWA, Daddy and Q-man went sledding for the first time.  

On Tuesday, I got all up in my neighbors’ business to figure out why they keep they’re frickin’ Halloween pumpkins on their porch for six months.

In this week’s Not-So-Wordy Wednesday, I posted one of my all-time favorite photos of Quinn reading in the bathtub.  


This week’s super awesome blogger referral is the anonymous person behind The Suniverse. Okay, so if you’re ears are delicate and few f-bombs make you blush, don’t read this blog. But if you’re reading my blog, then that probably doesn’t apply to you, so go ahead and read Suniverse and get ready to laugh your fucking ass off. (See, I didn't say “f**king” today, in honor of this awesome F-R-R-R-iday referral.)

Who is Suniverse? Your guess is as good as mine. I think it’s cool that Suniverse is an anonymous blog. She can say whatever the hell she wants and no one (that she knows in real life) can get mad at her. Kinda makes me want to have an anonymous blog… but then I don’t know how to promote it without giving myself away. And who am I kidding, I don’t have time for two blogs. Wait, this isn’t about me…

Yeah, so, I wish I knew Suniverse in real life. We would be buds. She strikes me as the kind of friend who would tell you if your hair looks like shit or if you’re oozing out of your fat pants, and then she’d take you out for a drink afterward to drown your sorrows. Don’t we all need a friend like that?

All of her posts are hilarious and some will really make you blush. Like this one with the naked guy. And she goes on some fabulous rants that will make you pee your pants, like this one where she rips into the bag boy at the grocery store. I also love that she hates rude children, even when they're related to her.

So spend time in The Suniverse this weekend, and don’t be surprised if you feel like speaking your mind with a bit more foul language. And for more things you wish you could say out loud, follow her on Twitter.


Speaking of funny bathtub photos, remember this one? Q’s hair is even longer now. I bet I could make that faux hawk bigger.

Tune in next week!

Next week’s QWA might be boring since we don’t have any weekend plans yet. But we’ve been known to get a little spontaneous, so maybe I’ll cook something up. I’ll also tell you about the ramifications of not watching a very popular television show.

Have a great weekend, friends!