Monday, March 26, 2012

Quinn’s Weekend Adventures: Dashing through the snow

We’re back in Tahoe this weekend. It’s pretty much the same as lasttime: we rented the same condo, and Hubs and I are having a great time taking turns snowboarding while the other one stays with Quinn. The weather is much better this time, though. It’s much more like spring snow now – icy and crunchy in the morning, wet and slushy in the afternoon.

Even though spring snow isn’t the best for snowboarding, we still love it. The sun is out, the sky is clear, and it’s almost too warm for all these layers. And the views of the lake are incredible from the top of the mountain.

But this is supposed to be about Quinn’s weekend adventure (plus, you’re probably pretty tired of hearing about snowboarding by now), so let me tell you all about the sledding instead. There’s a small hill perfect for sledding not far from where we’re staying, and we couldn’t wait to take Q out there. We bundled Q up tight, and traipsed through the snow.

Hubs carried Quinn and the sled halfway up the hill. He positioned Q safely on his lap and down they went. Quinn loved it! I think Daddy did, too.


I got a really cute video of the two of them coming down the hill, but the Internet here at this condo we’re renting is ridiculously slow. The video times out before it will upload, and it’s only thirteen seconds long. So instead, here is a blurry screen shot from the video where you can see Quinn smiling on the way down.

I hope to get at least one more snow trip in before the end of the season, but if we’re already getting this spring-like weather, that might not happen. So we’re trying to cram in as much time on the mountain as we can. After three half-days of snowboarding, my legs are like rubber. No need to do any squats at the gym this week. As if I even could if I wanted to. Owww…