Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Bang Theory {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

A few months ago, Hubs got me hooked on the show Big Bang Theory. Turns out, we’re not the only ones that like it. Quinn LOVES the theme song! (God bless the inventor of the DVR.)

Note: If you blow the video up to full screen, it will be super grainy because Blogger compresses it. Bummer. Also, if you're viewing this post in your email, the video won't show up. Please click on the title to view the post in your browser. 


  1. Oh man that is SO CUTE. Loved finding simple things like that that would entertain my kids for a bit. I have to check out that show! It's on my TV shows to start watching list. It's a really long list.

  2. It's actually really funny. I tried watching it once, and I hated it. The nerd humor was too much for me. But then I watched a few episodes with the Hubs while on vacation, and now I think it's hilarious. We DVR the re-runs on TBS.

  3. We LOVE that show...Olivia just loves Sheldon!!!

    1. Ha! How can such a difficult guy be so likable? He totally makes the show.

  4. That's so cute and too funny how he wants to watch it over and over again. My little one loves this song called "Calling all the monsters" and it's on constant loop. ;)