Friday, April 13, 2012


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So today is Friday the thirteenth. I remember watching the Friday the 13th movies when I was way too young to watch them. Jason Voorhees terrified me to my very core. I hated watching them, but I didn’t want my friends to call me a baby, so I suffered through the movies and the weeks of nightmares that followed.

Interesting tidbit:  My thirteenth birthday was on Friday the thirteenth. Oooooh, spooky!

Here are the “R’s.”


In Monday’s QWA, Quinn had a hoppin’ Easter, and his baskets runneth over.

On Tuesday, I received two wonderful bloggy awards and passed them on to twelve awesome bloggers that you really should check out.   

In this week’s Not-So-Wordy Wednesday, I showed you some lost photos I found on my cell phone.


This week’s super awesome blogger referral is Jessee from Jessee’s Spot. I’m totally diggin’ Jessee these days. She’s really funny and 100% real. I can relate to her. I love her voice, her stories and her infallible sense of humor.

Jessee is a SAHM with four kids. Four. She’s seen it all, and she knows what she’s talking about. See what I mean? Totally relatable.

Also, if you want to laugh your ass off, follow her on Pinterest and check out her “u funny” board. I spent a whole evening laughing out loud all by myself and repinning just about everything on there.

So pack your bags and visit Jessee’s Spot this weekend. You just might not want to leave. So bring extra underwear.


Speaking of thirteen, Quinn turned thirteen months-old on Easter. Where has the time gone? My second blog post ever was my first “To LBK” post; my first letter to my then unborn baby. I remember feeling those little flutters in my belly for the first time. Now, my LBK is a full-on toddler who can say several words, tell you where many of his body parts are, and perform an entire comedy show for Mommy and Daddy during dinner. We’ve come a long way since tiny flutters.

Tune in next week!

Next week, I’ll tell you all about a little home improvement project we've got going on and how it led to my second-worst idea ever.

Have a great weekend, friends!