Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun with Instagram {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

I have a confession. I do not have an iPhone. I know, I know. I am so uncool. Please don't stop being my friend.

You see, the Hubs and I are Android people. I could go on and on about why Apple drives us crazy. Sometimes we wonder if Apple took a giant dump in one of those pretty white boxes, would people line up around the building and camp out overnight to buy it? Yes, I think they would.

The only downside of not having an iPhone was that I didn’t get to jump on the Instagram train with everyone else. I envied all the cool images my friends of fellow bloggy buddies shared on Facebook and Twitter, and I wished that I could play, too.

But all that changed a few weeks ago when Instagram became available for Android. Whoo hoo! I’ve had so much fun playing around with this neat little program. Now I can take the same picture of Quinn in his wagon over and over again, and each one looks different.

That’s why I got a little shutter-happy on our walks this past weekend. Yes, walks. Plural. Not only did we skip winter in northern California this year, it looks like we might skip spring, too. Not to waste the gorgeous summer weather indoors, we went for a walk everyday last week. I even have an awesome farmer’s tan on my arms to prove it. (No, I didn’t take a picture of that!)

Here’s how Quinn spent his weekend enjoying the first signs of summer.

I know this pic is indoors, but Q's grubbing on
watermelon for the first time (a very summer weather
food), and he loves it!

I know I’m super embarrassingly late to the party, but WHOOO Instagram is so fun!