Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Horace had a chicken" and other treasures {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

I finally upgraded my cell phone, but this post is not about how awesome my new phone is. I had to transfer all the photos off of my old phone, and I couldn’t believe how many there were, many of which I had forgotten about. Here are a few of my rediscovered treasures.

I’ll start with my favorite. Here’s my little Buddha Baby, seven weeks old, looking so tiny and cute in his infant car seat.

Ah, I remember this happy day. Once we finally got his acid reflux under control, Quinn would finally sleep somewhere other than in my arms. I didn’t care that he preferred his swing over his bassinette, as long as I got to sleep horizontally.

Quinn used to laugh out loud in his sleep, ever since he was just a couple weeks old. It cracked me up every time!

Look at that! A picture on my phone that is actually not of Quinn. This is a frog that climbed up to our bathroom window. Ew. Not sure why I felt compelled to take a picture of that.

This one is a long story. The short version is this: At my last job, I had a pet alien named Horace. Horace had a pet chicken… I suppose that creates more questions than it answers.

I have hundreds more photos to go through. I'm excited to see what other goodies were on that old phone.