Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let’s go to the zoo! {Not-so-wordy Wednesday}

“Let’s go right now. Let’s go to the zoo.”* (Big bonus points if you can name the movie that quote is from. Spoiler alert – the answer is at the bottom.)

After my mom and I took Quinn to a little zoo-type thing on his birthday, I decided Q was ready for a real zoo. So yesterday, on a whim, Q and I took off for the San Francisco Zoo. (Look at us being all spontaneous!)

Here are a few animal photos from our day at the zoo. Sorry for the crappy photo quality. In the chaos that was our morning, I forgot the camera and had to make do with my cell phone.

Q was actually more into the exhibits than I thought he'd be. We watched the zebra for a while. 

He really liked the brightly colored flamingos. 

Real life giraffes! Q has a zoo book about a baby giraffe, and he was enamored with them. 

Random guy took our picture and didn't even get the giraffes in the picture. Q was too busy shouting at the giraffes to look at the camera. 

The lion exhibit

Under that water lurks a hippo, and he's is surprisingly scary looking.

So that's what an anteater looks like.

This zoo had a train, too. Quinn didn't like it as much as the other train. That was good because this train cost $4 per ride! No way was I going around more than once. 

My friend's little girl watching the grizzly bears

A bald eagle -- why doesn't it just fly away? There's no cage...

The noisy chimpanzees made Quinn laugh. I think they were his second favorite after the giraffes. 

*Did you figure out the quote? It’s from Jerry Maguire. The kid that played Ray was so stinkin’ cute when he was little. Now? Meh.


  1. I love going to the zoo, any zoo.Always have and always will. Great pics, even with the phone. Glad Q had a great time.

    1. Me too! San Francisco Zoo isn't as huge and cool as the San Diego Zoo, but it's still pretty good.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! We did. Already planning a second trip!