Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Ugly Visitor {Quinn’s Weekend Adventures}

The usual signs of spring are popping up all around our house. The flowers bloom in our yard, the frog chorus performs in the creek behind our house, and lizards scurry back and forth on the warm concrete.

Even though we live in the middle of suburbia, having the creek behind us allows us to feel like we’re in the wilderness sometimes. We hear lots of frogs, crickets and birds. Often, the frog chorus will suddenly stop, and that’s when we know something larger has come to visit, like a raccoon or opossum. After a moment, the beast passes through and the frogs slowly start up again, one “ribbit” and “croak” at a time, until they’re all back in harmony again.

But that’s just at night. Usually.

Yesterday, Hubs and I were pushing Quinn in his swing on the back porch when Q pointed to the back fence and yelled out “dat!” (which is Quinn-ese for “that.”) I turned expecting to see our neighbor’s cat gracefully scaling the fence, which always makes Quinn go bananas. 

But it wasn’t the neighbor’s cat. It was this guy.

One. Two. Three. EWWWWW!!!

We were a bit wary since opossums are nocturnal creatures and are rarely seen during the day. Our visitor didn’t seem to care that the sun was out, or that three humans were only twenty feet away, or that the small human was repeatedly yelling “dat!” at the top of his lungs. Mr. Opossum slowly strolled back and forth along the fence, casually eating leaves from our ivy, as though this were perfectly normal opossum behavior.

This led us to believe that Mr. Opossum might be a little old and senile or possibly very sick. Not to mention that opossums are one of the ugliest creatures on the planet, and no one wants to touch something that looks like a giant rodent. (Seriously, look at that tail! Bleh.) He was definitely not something we wanted Q to come into contact with.

So I took Q out of the swing and brought him into the house. Hubs, our fierce and brave protector, stayed outside to make sure our ugly visitor eventually went on his way. And to take his picture. 

I knew Q would chase frogs and lizards around our yard this summer, and there would be a chance he would actually catch one (in which case I would sanitize him thoroughly). But I never thought I would have to worry about him touching or (God-forbid getting bitten by!) normally nocturnal, diseased, flea-ridden, rabid, giant, rodent-looking, ugly opossums.

Terrific. Something else for me to spin about.